Band members
Victor Khojane
Victor Khojane (Dr Victor) was born and raised in South Africa, Kimberley, where he attended school up to matric. He formed a school band called CC Beat that performed mainly on week ends, as youngsters they were influenced by the likes of South African bands such as Blondie and Papa, Harare, Jonathan Butler and American teen sensations The Jackson five. In 1984, shortly after leaving school, Victor and his friends were heading for Johannesburg in search of their dreams, where they became very popular as a nightclub band. They managed to get a deal with CCP Records (EMI South Africa), where they released two albums for that label. After a two year unsuccessful musical relationship with CCP, the band got a clearance. The band went touring the South African nightclub scene, when Victor met producer/songwriter Al Etto in Cape Town and played him a few demo tapes.